Thank you for your interest in planting trees in Seattle! Please review the details and instructions on our website before completing this application. Details and photos of available trees can be found here.
Note- If you've already submitted an application and would like to make a change, please do NOT submit another application. Email or call us at 206-684-3979 to make an update. Thanks!

Although privacy laws protect some personal information, this registration is a public record and may be disclosed if requested; the law prohibits use for commercial purposes.

* 1. First name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. Email address

* 4. First name of second person, if applicable

* 5. Last name of second person, if applicable

* 6. Email address of second person, if applicable
(If you enter a second email address, we will send both contacts email notifications about the status of your trees)

* 7. Street address where trees will be planted (must be a physical address in Seattle; not a PO Box).

* 8. 5-digit zip code

* 9. Mailing address, if different from planting address. (We send occasional tree care reminders in the mail.)

* 10. Is this a rental property?

* 11. If this is a rental, are you the property owner or the renter?

* 12. Phone number

* 13. How did you hear about Trees for Neighborhoods?

* 14. Please select one of the following dates to pick up your trees and attend a planting demonstration.

All events will be held at the University of Washington's Botanic Gardens. You can come anytime during the hours listed below. Expect to be there for up to 1 hour.

Tree Selection (please read before selecting your trees)
  • Limit 4 trees per household.
  • Limit of 1 cherry tree per household.
  • Households are eligible for a lifetime total of 6 trees per address
Planting a Street Tree?
  • Trees planted along the street must be permitted. We will apply for a street tree planting permit on your behalf. Just make sure to indicate that you're planting the tree along the street on your application.
  • If you have over head power lines: you must choose an eastern redbud, cascara, or Snowcone Japanese snowbell.
  • If your planting strip does not have overhead lines:  select from the list of street trees. Do not select from the power line approved tree list. 
Details on available trees, including photos, can be found at

* 16. Street Tree Notes: Please provide a brief description of your proposed street tree planting location. If your property is on a corner, please indicate which frontage you intend to plant the tree(s).The notes you provide will help SDOT arborists permit your street trees.