The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, Plant Health Australia and AgriFutures Australia, encourage all Australian beekeepers to take part in this survey. 

We are asking these questions to find out how healthy Australian honey bees are, and what pests and diseases might be causing problems for beekeepers.

The results from the survey will be used to decide what help you might need to keep your honey bees healthy. It will also provide statistics for use by the industry. 

Just so you know, we can't identify anyone who does this survey, and the raw data will not be distributed to third parties.

Thank you for giving your time to answer these questions. It should only take about 10-12 minutes to complete.

Question Title

* 1. What state or territory are you based in?

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* 2. How many hives do you own?

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* 3. What type of hive do you mainly use?

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* 4. Did you provide pollination services in 2017-18 financial year?