Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability

Over the past eight years, Philadelphia’s Greenworks plan has created a more sustainable, vibrant, and healthy city. The Office of Sustainability is now beginning the process of updating Greenworks to set new goals and targets for the next eight years and beyond. Please share your feedback with us. Your input will help as we develop a new sustainability plan that reaches all Philadelphia neighborhoods. The survey should take 5 minutes to complete, and your responses will remain anonymous.

* 1. What is your ZIP code?

* 2. How familiar are you with the Greenworks Philadelphia sustainability plan?

* 3. What is your impression of the progress the City of Philadelphia has made on sustainability?

* 4. Rank the following issue areas in order of importance to you:

* 5. What would you consider Greenworks’ biggest successes?

* 6. What would you consider Greenworks' biggest limitations?

* 7. How can we build more support to sustain work into the future?

* 8. What new goals, targets, or initiatives would you incorporate into a future sustainability plan?

* 9. Are there any organizations that should be involved in the City's sustainability planning process?

* 10. If you have additional feedback, feel free to provide it here.