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* 1. Please fill out the demographic information below

* 2. Which of these types of garbage do you think is the most damaging to the environment?

* 3. In your opinion, which of these is the cause of the most CO2 emissions in the U.S.A?

* 4. In your opinion, which of these should Seattle next implement to help the environment?

* 5. What do you do in your daily life that you think causes the most harm to the environment?

* 6. Who do you think is responsible for solving global warming?

* 7. How many cars do you own, and what is the MPG of it:

  N/A 15-20 MPG 21-30 MPG 31-35 MPG 36 or more MPG
1 car
2 cars
3 or more cars
I don't have a car/I use a bike or ride public transportation

* 8. Name one thing you can do to slow Global Warming:

* 9. How would you rate our new federal government's strides towards slowing global warming?

* 10. Do you think that the new light rail service opening this year will help reduce CO2 emissions?