Every two years we offer a MWM Mini College for you to refresh your skills, learn something new, and connect with fellow MWM volunteers.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will allow us to improve our MWM Mini College for 2011.

* 1. If you have attended previous Mini Colleges, please rate previous events on the following criteria. If you have not attended previous Mini Colleges, please proceed to Question 3.

  Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Overall agenda
Keynote speakers
Informational presentations
Networking opportunities
Social events
Event location & venue
Food served at event

* 2. What do you value the most about Mini College?

* 3. If you have not attended previous Mini Colleges, what has kept you from attending?

* 4. Timing is always difficult for this kind of event. Which of the following dates can you attend? (Check all that apply)

* 5. With the current budget, we will have to recover some of our costs associated with putting on the 2011 Mini College. How much are you willing to pay per person to register for this educational event, including session refreshments, breakfast and lunch, materials, and transportation to field sites?

* 6. How interested would you be in attending sessions on the following topics during Mini College 2011?

  Very Interested Interested Neutral Not Very Interested Not at all Interested N/A
Trail building
Pest Scene Investigator
Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
Hardwood Ecology and Management
Forest Policy
Ties to the Land
Forest Roads
Logging Safety
Working with Youth
Christmas Tree Management
Forest Soil Ecology
Climate Change and Forest Management
Thinning Young Stands
Reforestation Skills
Leadership and Volunteerism
Citizen Science Skills
Septic Systems
Uneven Aged Management
Advancements in Wood Products

* 7. What format of class would you prefer to have? Please rank the following choices.

  Strongly Prefer Prefer Neutral Do not Prefer Strongly do not Prefer
One Learning Track the entire Mini College (2009 format)
All day field sessions
All day classroom sessions
All day sessions with both classroom and field
1/2 day sessions, classroom
1/2 day sessions, field
90 minute sessions

* 8. Will you attend this event in 2011?

* 9. Are you willing to serve on a MWM Mini College Planning Committee?

* 10. Please add any further comments you have about how we can improve MWM Mini College.