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* 1. Information about you:

* 2. What was your primary area of study?

* 3. Which College/ Campus did you take classes on?
(MCC, NPCC North, NPCC South, Extended Campus)

* 4. What years did you attend?
(Ex. 1988-1990)

* 5. How would you prefer to be contacted?

* 6. -Benefits
What Alumni Benefits would you be interested in receiving?

  1 - Least Interested 2 3 4 5 6- Most Interested
Discounted Admission to Games
Bookstore Discount
Free Official Transcripts
Alumni Newsletter
Free Career Planning & Support
Alumni Center

* 7. -Volunteer Services
What area would you be willing to volunteer with?

  1- NO 2- Maybe 3- YES
Campaign Events
Alumni Activities
Office Work

* 8. -Events
What Special Events would you be interested in attending?

  N/A No Probably Not Maybe Possibly Yes
Sports Games
Reunion Weekends
Group Travel and Tours
Fundraising Events

* 9. -General Information
How important is it to stay in contact with each of these groups?

  1- Least Interested 2 3 4 5- Most Interested N/A
Students in your program
Faculty in your program
Alumni from all across the college
Students from your main campus
Faculty from your main campus
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