Every parent wants their child to succeed but sometimes we are confronted with the reality that our child learns differently and may be having issues at school. As part of a research study being conducted by Think2Learn, we are interested in learning about your journey after discovering that your child may have difficulties learning.

The results of this survey will be used to help shape our product, consisting of a comprehensive cognitive questionnaire and online games for your child to play to get a more accurate snapshot of how they process information and solve problems. Our monthly online Learning Profile Report will be tailored to your child's unique learning style and provide you with ongoing help and support and real world, parent-tested recommendations on how to help at school and at home. Our adaptive game engine targets the cognitive weaknesses and through an ongoing online process, will help strengthen your child's cognitive abilities over time, all in the privacy of your own home.

Lastly, Think2Learn is made up of parents just like you - we all have kids that learn differently too and know how hard it is to understand what to do and where to go. We hope to remedy this...

Thank you for participating.

Rob Whent

1. What grade was your child in when you first realized that he or she was struggling?

2. How were you made aware that your child might have a learning problem?

3. What emotions/feelings do your experience associated with your child’s behavioural and learning issues?

4. What day to day challenges surrounding your child’s learning and behavioral issues...

5. Who did you turn to after being told of the problem? Check all that apply:

6. Would you pay $49 for :
- A detailed report with targeted recommendations from our pediatric neuropsychologist
- Determination of your child's unique learning style and cognitive weaknesses
- Access to our game site that targets the child's cognitive weaknesses
- Continuous reporting on child's progress for 6 months

7. General comments - Please tell us anything else about your journey not covered by the above. Your comments are very important to us.

8. If you would like to receive a free 6 month subscription when it becomes available and be entered to win an iPod Nano, please enter your email address below.

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