Application and Selection Process

Congratulations! The director of the YouthBuild program you graduated from has nominated you to be part of the CSTAC--the California, a project of the YouthBuild USA LEAP Initiative. This is big honor and a big responsibility.

Your director has nominated you and one other graduate. One of you will be selected as a CSTAC member. The other will be selected as a YouthBuild Ambassador.

The CSTAC member has three responsibilities.
1.     Build.   Each CSTAC member will help build their local graduate network at their local YB. CSTAC members will be trained on how to organize and sustain a solid core of graduates for personal support, professional development, action and advocacy.  

2.     Advocate.   There are 40 YB programs and not enough federal funding to support them.  The YouthBuild Coalition needs the help of the CSTAC on a campaign to get major multi-million dollar state funding for California YB programs. CSTAC members will be trained on how to advocate with local and state officials.

3.     Represent.   CSTAC will be the face of the YouthBuild movement in the public arena by representing YB and opportunity youth at local and state conferences, events, commissions, and so on. CSTAC members will be trained on public speaking, telling their story of self, and facilitating workshops.

In order to apply, you will need to fill out this survey and include a one paragraph professional biography and the reasons you want to serve on the CSTAC.  The LEAP staff team and members of the current CSTAC executive committee will make the selections.

Your application needs to be complete and submitted by Nov 4 to Rollin Kocher, LEAP team staff member, at