The MCC Office of Emerging Ministries is charged with (1) concerns related to diversity and inclusion within MCC and (2) increasing MCC’s cross-cultural competencies so that our churches and global movement can be better equipped to minister in a culturally-diverse world. Our role is to resource, support (and even sometimes challenge) all of MCC so we can increase our overall cultural competence. Increasing our cultural competence is critical if we are ever to become the radically inclusive global movement that we have said that we are...or at least that we say we want to be.

In order to accomplish these goals we need to establish baselines. Your responses to this survey will assist us in doing so. Therefore we are asking you to complete the survey with this understanding:

Diversity and inclusion are terms frequently used together. For the purposes of this survey, diversity describes the spectrum of human similarities and differences. Inclusion, on the other hand, describes the way a church configures opportunity, interaction, communication, information and decision-making to utilize the potential of diversity.

We begin by recognizing that churches can be diverse without being inclusive. Achieving inclusion is an ongoing process; it requires creating the structures, policies and practices in organizational life that recognize more than one view and signal the importance of learning from differences.

This survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
8% of survey complete.