1. Do Not Neglect the Gift that is in YOU.  1 Timothy 4:14

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Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire
You are about to embark on an exciting
journey of self-discovery. God has given you
spiritual gifts as you are a Christian,
and discovering those gifts will help you
understand who you are, how you will
best experience joy and fulfillment in your life,
and how God intends to use you for His glory.

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* 2. How would you rate yourself in each of these areas?

  Never/Not True Rarely True Occasionally True Often True True Most of the Time Always True
I enjoy organizing people to efficiently accomplish a task.
When starting something new, I am not frightened by the obstacles and challenges that stop others.
I tend to see things are right or wrong, black or white.
It is a joy to come alongside someone who is discouraged and encourage them.
I feel a burden for those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.
I am confident that God is in control and working out His will no matter how things appear.
I find great satisfaction in giving my resources to the Lord’s work.
I find great joy in having people in my home.
I pray for at least an hour a day.
I have a passion for learning, particularly from the Scriptures.
When placed in a workgroup I naturally become the leader of the group.
I feel great compassion for the problems of others.
I enjoy learning about other cultures.
I regularly volunteer in the church when I know it will meet a practical need.
I enjoy caring for the spiritual well-being and development of a specific group of people.
People have told me that I have helped them understand something challenging from God’s Word.
I easily see which course of action is best in a given situation.
When a group lacks organization, I tend to step in and provide direction.
I would rather start something new than work on improving something that is already working.
I can usually tell that someone is being dishonest before others do.

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* 3. Please rate yourself in each of these areas

  Never/Not True Rarely True Occasionally True Often True True Most of the Time Always True
When I see someone who is not growing as a follower of Jesus I feel compelled to challenge and inspire them.
It is a joy for me to share what God has done in my life with my unchurched neighbors and friends.
Others have told me that my unwavering faith in God was a source of strength for them in a difficult time.
My giving statements show that I regularly give more than a tithe to the Lord’s work.
I enjoy providing meals for others when they are sick or in need.
I have seen specific answers to my prayers.
People often ask for my perspective on biblical passages and issues.
I enjoy organizing people for effective ministry.
I like to visit with the sick or home-bound and allow them to share their burdens with me.
I feel more of a burden for people from another culture or nation who have not heard the Gospel than I do for my native people.
I like to come alongside leaders and do what is necessary to see their vision fulfilled.
I am not afraid to open the Scriptures and pray with someone I know who is hurting.
I can communicate the truths of the Bible in clear and comprehensible ways.
When I am presented with a challenging problem I intuitively know the best path and have seen that guidance work to the benefit of God’s people in the past.
I enjoy managing the details that make a project run efficiently and effectively.
I am willing to take risks to for God that deter others.
When someone is teaching I pay attention to what they say and can quickly tell if it is inaccurate or incorrect.
I enjoy the challenge of motivating people to higher spiritual commitment.
I have seen others receive faith in Christ as I shared with them about Jesus.
I have believed that God would do the impossible and have seen it happen in tangible ways.

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* 4. Please rate yourself in each of these areas:

  Never/Not True Rarely True Occasionally True Often True True Most of the Time Always True
When the Lord lays a ministry on my heart I give generously and sacrificially to help meet its needs.
I like to work behind the scenes at church suppers and social events.
When someone asks me to pray for them I consistently follow through and pray for several days over their issue.
I often find biblical passages and issues that others struggle with to be easy to understand.
I can usually see the “big picture” and like to help others see it.
I find joy in comforting people in difficult situations.
I would be willing to leave my comfortable surroundings to be able to share Christ with more people
I prefer not to be in the spotlight, but rather to serve behind the scenes.
I feel protective of the spiritual health of the people God has brought around me.
I enjoy studying so that I can help others understand the Bible better.
I like to share the insights in Scripture to help people gain perspective and help guide them in a Godly manner.
When given a complicated task I have the ability to develop plans to effectively manage it.
I can manage several different responsibilities at the same time.
I have been told that I am a good judge of character.
When I encounter someone in a difficult situation, I naturally begin reminding them of God’s faithfulness.
I am comfortable building relationships with people outside the church in order to share my faith when the time is right.
When things appear to be at their worst, my faith is the strongest.
I believe that good stewardship is one of the most important disciplines in a believer’s life.
I have opened my home to help out a person in need or to house a guest presenter at church.
I often use my commute and other alone time for prayer.

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* 5. Please rate yourself in each of these areas:

  Never/Not True Rarely True Occasionally True Often True True Most of the Time Always True
I regularly make time to study the Scriptures.
I have a vision for my ministry and know what needs to be done to make it a reality.
I continue to care about the needs of those that others have given up on.
I enjoy building relationships and understanding with people from other cultures.
I am not offended to be given simple but important tasks that free others up to use their gifts.
have gently guided a friend who was lost or erring into a healthy relationship with Christ.
When I am teaching, the Holy Spirit often gives me just the right words to help someone understand.
The wisdom of God’s Word comes readily to mind when someone shares a problem with me.
When managing a project I delegate responsibility to those who can best accomplish a task.
When I step out in faith others follow my lead.
My judgments about people and situations are usually correct.
I am not afraid to speak to someone who is living contrary to God’s will and encourage them to return to God’s ways.
I get frustrated when others fail to take advantage of obvious opportunities to share their faith.
Because I believe God can do what seems impossible, I am willing to step out in faith when others are unsure.
I believe that I have been blessed financially so that I can be a blessing to the church through my generosity.
I get more joy out of seeing people’s needs met at church than getting public recognition for my service.
People have told me that God has interceded for them after I started praying for them.
I can easily bring to mind things I have learned when the need arises.
Others often look to me for leadership.
I have been told that I “care too much” about and give too freely to those in need.

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* 6. Please rate yourself in each of these areas:

  Never/Not True Rarely True Occasionally True Often True True Most of the Time Always True
I feel that I could learn another language will in order to minister to those from a different culture.
I believe that Christ is glorified in the simple tasks that need to be done and enjoy doing them.
It is exciting to provide spiritual leadership and care to a specific group of people.
It bothers me when someone misuses the Word of God for their own purposes.
People have indicated that the guidance I shared with them from the Scriptures helped them in a specific situation.
I like things to be structured with clear lines of authority and responsibility.
When I take on a new project I raise up and train leaders to take responsibility for the project.
I can quickly sense whether something is right or wrong, even if I am not sure exactly why at first.
I have been told that my words have encouraged others in their faith journey.
I believe that sharing the Gospel with others is the most important responsibility of the Church.
When people are discouraged I enjoy giving pointing them to God’s faithfulness.
I have been willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to be more generous to the Lord’s work.
People have said that I have a warm and caring spirit.
I have felt God’s call to pray for someone clearly and began praying for them.
I like to share what I have learned from God’s Word with others.
I am more excited about casting vision and inspiring people than managing the details of a project.
I have been told that my care has helped see others through difficult situations.
I am comfortable around people from other cultures and build relationships with them fairly easily.
I do not like to make plans, but I do like to help when a plan is laid out.
People often bring their problems and concerns to me because they feel that I care and can help guide them.
When I taught a Bible class people told me that my teaching really helped them.
I study God’s word diligently because I know it holds great wisdom for my life and that of others.