The Town of Brunswick Water Department is required to conduct a water service line survey to determine if there are lead service lines or lead plumbing components in your home.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Health Department have implemented new rules in the past couple of years to increase the public’s protection from lead in their drinking water.   This was done in response to a number of communities across the nation which faced recent water crises as a result of poor water treatment practices, which in turn caused lead to be leached from the water lines to people’s homes.  Lead in the drinking water is of special concern to young children but at elevated levels can impact anyone health.
We purchase our water from the City of Troy which does use lime as a corrosion control agent.  The lime, causes an oxide scale film to develop inside the pipe and this locks up the lead behind it.   While this has been a proven method for years, variation in water quality can cause this scale to thin or fail altogether releasing lead into the water.  The best method is to identify where lead exists in the water system and remove it.   The first step is to have an inventory of the water service lines and the material which they are constructed of.  Once we have this inventory, a plan can be develop to remove these lead lines and service components.  This also must be done before the Town can apply for potential Grant Funds.  The Town is required to have this inventory and a draft plan developed before October 2024.
Your help in completing this inventory survey voluntarily will save countless hours of manpower, equipment and fuel cost required to visit your home and complete the survey.   We only have three service people to manage the Water, Sewer and Stormwater requirements of the town.  Very bare bones.
Please view the YouTube video How to Find Out if You Have a Lead Water Service LineYouTube Video    After viewing video please fill out the survey  and upload a picture of your water service.  YOU WILL NEED YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER IT IS ON YOUR BILL OR YOU CAN LOOK IT UP HERE CUSTOMER NUMBER BY LAST NAME

The Water Department will review the results and follow up with you if there is a lead service line or certain galvanized lines in the home.
If you need help to identifying your service line or have questions, please contact the Water Department at 518 279-3461 ext. 114.