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Welcome to the Think To Do Institute Happiness survey.

We appreciate your participation to this HAPPINESS survey . Your participation is very important for us to get an indication where our community is in regards to personal happiness, trust and sense of belonging in society.  This is known as Social Cohesion. With this information we can inform policy-making which can lead to policies that will improve the wellbeing of and better service to our citizenship. We, therefore, greatly appreciate your response to all questions. There are 77 questions which should take approximately 30 minutes.  

As a local civil society organizations (CSO), the Think To DO Institute is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our relationships, in particular, the protection of your Personal Data, and, therefore, observe data protection regulations as stated in our Data Policy on our website. By taking the survey you consent to the collection and holding of this data.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration with this research!

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