1. Basic information

Welcome! This is a short survey about your use of mathematical resources on the Internet. We ask you questions about when you turn to the Internet for help with mathematics, where on the Internet you go, and how you find it. Please feel free to quit the survey at any stage that you get bored of the questions (the questions are in decreasing order of importance).

* 1. Are you currently a student, i.e., are you pursuing a degree from an academic institution (Ph.D. degrees are included)?

* 2. What level of education are you currently pursuing? If you are not currently a student, what is the highest level of education that you have completed?

* 3. Which of these resources do you use frequently to resolve doubts/questions in mathematics? (please select the appropriate column option)

  Never Sometimes Often
Reference sites available on the World Wide Web.
Course materials available on the World Wide Web.
Discussion forums where specific questions can be posed and answered.
Textbooks (print or electronic)