DDWA is working on a project which aims to improve information and advice for people with intellectual disability who have complex communications needs and for their families and carers.

We are looking to connect with people to find out more about their understanding of communication systems, and also about how a person can contribute to setting their goals in their NDIS plan by using their communication system.

This 11 question survey should take around 10 minutes - a $50 Coles Myer voucher will be sent to a randomly selected respondent.

All responses will be treated with confidentiality and we do not share any personal details with third parties. All responses will be de-identified before any findings are reported on.

Thank you for participating.

* 1. Are you aware that any person can learn a communication system at any age, regardless of the level of severity of their disability?

* 2. Does your family member use a communication system?

* 3. Are members of the immediate family skilled in the use of the communication system?

* 4. Are there others outside the family who are skilled in using the communication system?

* 5. Does your family member's communication system have NDIS-specific language within it?

* 6. Can the person contribute to the goals in their NDIS plan by using their communication system?

* 7. Do you feel that the communication system that your family member uses is adequate and able to develop to meet their needs?

* 8. Does your family member's communication system have the capacity to meet their communication needs as they grow and develop into adulthood?

* 9. Does your family or family member have access to the support and expertise you need to introduce or continue to develop a communication system?

* 10. Would you like to be involved in the work DDWA is doing in respect to communication systems and NDIS planning?

* 11. What is the age of the person with complex communication needs?

* 12. Would you like to provide your contact details (optional)