Emergency Preparedness: Facility Information

About the Critical Asset Survey (CAS):

The ESRD Network of the South Atlantic releases the Critical Asset Survey annually to all Dialysis Providers in the Network service area to assess the Emergency Preparedness Plan and Procedures at facilities during an impending emergency or disastrous event.  

Benefits of the CAS:

The purpose of the CAS is to identify facility and patient needs ahead of impending weather conditions.  The results of the survey will be provided to local emergency management officials and regional healthcare coalitions to support their effort to assist your facility with emergency preparedness.  Survey results will also expedite response to needs to assist your facility with maintaining or re-establishing operations and assist emergency management leaders with decision making on the placement of resources where they are most needed to support access to medical care.

Cooperation and Collaboration:

ESRD facilities should complete a risk assessment and develop emergency preparedness policies and procedures that are outlined in an emergency plan. These policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated annually.  ESRD facilities should include a process for cooperation with local emergency management officials and regional healthcare preparedness coalitions. Collaboration with these officials will support an integrated response approach during emergency situations. ESRD facilities should work with their local emergency preparedness officials and regional healthcare coalitions to ensure compliance with the emergency preparedness rule as outlined in the CMS conditions for coverage.  Collaboration in local drills and your attendance at local events will strengthen your facilities emergency plan and build relationships to maintain or resume operations at your facility as quickly as possible to ensure continuity of care for ESRD patients.   

Emergency Preparedness & Readiness Tips: Be sure your facility is ready in the event of an emergency!

  •  Continuous emergency training and preparedness training with staff, local emergency management officials and regional healthcare coalitions.
  • A system in place to track on-duty staff and sheltered patients in your facility’s care during and after an emergency.
  • Have a plan for weekend, holiday, and after hour emergent events.
  • Continuous emergency training and preparedness with patients and family/caregivers to ensure they understand the importance of following evacuation orders and providing the facility with current contact information and emergency contact information needed to support patient safety checks.
  • Materials printed and ready for release including information on following a 3 day renal diet, back up facility contact information and how they can reach the facility for information on open and closure status.
  • In the event of an evacuation, know where your patients will relocate to; i.e. shelter, family member’s residence, hotel, out of state, etc.
Survey Instructions:

One completed Critical Asset Survey is required for each dialysis facility in North Carolina.  Within 45 days of the completion of the survey collection process, your facility will be emailed a summary report of the information to keep on file in your emergency management plan.  State Surveyors will be notified when the reports are released to facilities and may ask to review the report during site evaluations. 

  • Answer all questions marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Read each question carefully, some questions require one answer only, while others may require more than one answer.
  • Incomplete forms or those missing required fields cannot be processed and will be removed.  
  • The survey will be complete when you click the “Done” button at the end and you should be redirected to the ESRD of the South Atlantic Emergency website page.

Question Title

* 2. Contact information of person completing this form.

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* 3. List contact information for all Emergency Contact Personnel at this facility.

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* 4. Can the emergency contact(s) listed receive text messages?

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* 5. Has the emergency contact information for staff been updated in CROWNWeb?

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* 6. How many isolation rooms does your facility have?

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* 7. Does your facility have an electrical generator quick connect transfer switch capability?