Intro - what are these personas for?

The W3C is the standards making body for the web, including the global web accessibility standards embodied in the WCAG, ATAG, UAAG, and ARIA guidelines. A group of five volunteers have created a task force to update and redesign the website of the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). An early step is the creation of personas - imaginary profiles created from data collected from a broad spectrum of the web community.  We hope to get  the broadest feedback possible to ensure that we understand how the site can meet the needs of the community. Your input will help us make the site more useful for web professionals and accessibility advocates all over the world.

Please note that none of these questions are required, you may choose to skip any of them. The first few pages are all about you, who you are and includes personal information to help us make realistic personas. If you are not comfortable, feel free to skip those.  The rest of the questions - toward the end - are about your awareness of accessibility, how you use the web and especially your expectations of how to use the WAI web site. We appreciate your help.

Thank you!
Sharron and Brent, EOWG co-chairs
on behalf of the WAI site redesign Task Force