* 1. How far would you travel for a crop?

* 2. What is most important to you at a "Crop"? Please rank 1-9 with 1 being the top priority.

  Most Important Least Important
crop table space
near by
accommodation provided
meals provided
time of year
store on-site for supplies
good lighting
perks/free stuff

* 3. What type of accommodation do you prefer?

* 4. Do you want the option of classes that you can sign up/pay for at the crop?

* 5. Would you like tools and machines/electronics available to you?

* 6. Do you want 24 hour access to crop area?

* 7. Do you put any value on the ambience of your surroundings? i.e. in the mountains, at a lake, reclusive

* 8. Do you enjoy other activities at a crop?

* 9. What is the maximum you would pay for an elite crop (all meals, accommodation, own table, store on-site, free classes, free make-n-takes, ambience in your surroundings, within an hour from the city)?

* 10. What is the maximum you would pay for a bare bones crop (no meals, accommodation provided, share a table, share a room, no classes, no make-n-takes, 2 hours from city possibly, nno store, no amenities)?