Introduction and Application Questions

Welcome to Training Industry's 2021 Top Sales Training and Enablement Companies Application!

This application is used to assist our Top 20 selection committee in identifying sales training and enablement companies for the 2021 Top 20 and Watch Lists. As with all Training Industry's Top 20 Lists, there is no cost to apply.

What is sales training and enablement?
For this application, sales training involves the development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing deals in a sales organization. Sales training often includes topics such as client relationship management, better understanding customers’ needs, enhancing communication and overall interactions with clients, and providing comprehensive feedback to clients and sales representatives. Sales training programs are designed to improve a salesperson’s ability to sell, as well as a sale manager’s ability to coach and drive performance. Sales enablement provides the salesperson with what they need to be more effective within their role.

Who should apply?
Sales training and enablement providers that offer a breadth of sales training solutions to promote the success of employees in a variety of sales roles. These solutions can take the form of courses, sales enablement platforms or sales coaching whether based on a proprietary framework, custom solutions or off-the-shelf content.

Thank for you taking the time to complete the application. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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1. To complete the application, you will need the following information as it relates to your sales training or sales enablement services:

• Description of your sales training programs
• Current and new sales training topics
• Assessment tools that support sales training
• Delivery of your programs
• Sales competencies your programs address

Clients/Areas Served
• A list of your top five clients
• Your company's geographic reach

Business Performance
• Business volume and company sizing
• Pricing structure of your sales training, coaching, and facilitation costs
• Awards, recognition and competitive differentiation

Marketing Strategy

• Representation of your thought leadership
• Markets and geographic regions you seek to expand in
• Marketing channels investment
• Go-to-market strategy

2. You may return to the application to submit additional information up until the due date of February 10.

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• Check "No" for the last question until you are ready for the Training Industry team to review your application.
• Use the same computer and make sure your browser's cookies are enabled to retain your entered data.

3. Questions with an asterisk (*) are required. Although most questions are not required, a complete application is needed to fully evaluate.

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* 1. Please complete the following information about your company.
Applications submitted without this information will be disregarded.

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* 2. Please complete the following information about yourself so that we may follow up if we have any questions.
Applications submitted without this information will be disregarded.