Developing the 2018 Sync capital planning survey

Welcome to the Sync capital planning survey! Sync is a collaborative of the Public Works Board, and the departments of Commerce, Health, and Ecology authorized by the Legislature in 2017. Combined, our infrastructure financing programs invest in your bridges, roads and streets, storm water, domestic waster, solid waste, and sanitary sewer systems. In 2018, Sync agencies received requests for more than $500 million in projects. Through this survey, we seek to better understand how you, our local government clients, may request program funds in the next two to four years so that we may better serve your needs. Thank you for your participation in advance of the 10 minutes necessary to complete our survey. The intent description below will offer deeper insight into our goals. Be assured that your individual answers will remain confidential.

The intent of this survey is to ask local governments - as the end users and clients of our infrastructure financing programs - for your input on the priority projects that may proceed to construction in the next two to four years. Your participation will require thought and reflection of your capital facilities plans, and an assessment of intended readiness to proceed during this period. Your feedback and guidance will enhance the work of Sync, and will prepare us, as state agencies, to support your capital needs. We want to hear from you!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Buck Lucas at