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* 1. Are you a Mono County or Mammoth Lakes resident?

* 2. Have you ever participated in any of our programs before or used our facilities before?

* 3. Which park, facility, field and/or program do you wish to comment on?

* 4. How did we do? Please rate the following: (1=Poor to 5=Excellent)

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Availability of Information
Customer Service
Registration Process
Cost (value for money)
Quality of Instruction
Condition of Fields /Facilities
Met Expectations
Overall Satisfaction

* 5. Would you re-register for the program or return to the park, facility and/or field based on your experience?

* 6. How did you find out about the program(s)?

* 7. What other program(s) and/or facilities would you like to see offered?

* 8. Please use this space to provide any comments that you feel will help us provide better service to our patrons.

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