Our neighborhood has been accepted into the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program run by the City of Lakewood. Involvement in the Applewood sustainability effort is completely voluntary however all residents are invited and encouraged to participate! We will use this survey to identify what initiatives are of most interest to our neighbors and whether or not we have leaders and support teams for these efforts. Please fill out this survey in order to assist us in making this program as effective as possible for our neighborhood! Thank you.

* 1. Please indicate your level of interest in the following topics:

  Not Interested Somewhat Interested Interested Very Interested
Conserving energy in your home
Installing passive solar or photovoltaics
Reducing air pollution
Reducing garbage truck traffic
Do-it-yourself energy saving projects (e.g. insulating water heater, sealing air leaks) 
Xeriscaping - converting water intensive plants to plants that are drought tolerant
Reducing water pollution
Wildlife (Enhancing/Protecting Habitat, Education)
Alternative Transportation (Biking, Carpooling, Public Transportation)
Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle in your community
Neighborhood history and heritage
Building a community garden
Harvesting rainwater
Organic lawn and garden care
Produce Sharing
Seed Swaps
Urban Agriculture (chickens, goats, etc.)
Bee Keeping

* 2. Are there any other topics or projects that fall under the five Program Goal Areas (Energy, Air, Water, Land and People) that you would like to see addressed?

* 3. Interested in leading or supporting a sustainable initiative in the Applewood Neighborhood? Please provide your contact information and a brief summary of what project you would like to pursue.

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