What is sustainability?

Sustainability - ensuring that human opportunities for self-realization do not decline over time. Needs and opportunities for self-realization depend on access to: food, housing, clean air and water, security, political freedom, health care, education, electric power, transportation, relationships with other species and with well-functioning ecosystems

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The FreeUse Store:Bard students keep this 'take it or leave it' garage humming.  Opens when upper class returns (one preview for first years during L&T).

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One of Bard's landfill, single-stream recycling and FreeUse stations.  Got cardboard?  Flatten it!  This helps your Environmental Services worker and saves space.

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Corinna Cape class of 2015 and Environmental & Urban Studies Administrator Tom O'Dowd tracking eels on the Sawkill (Bard's drinking water source)

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If you signed up to learn more about the EcoRep program, let us know your residence hall here. 

*511NY is a state-operated rideshare service implemented to help you save money and the environment. By visiting 511NY (http://tinyurl.com/BardRideShare), you can sign up to find people with similar travel destinations and set up a carpool rather than going it alone. Bard's portal is set up for @bard.edu addresses by default. You could override the system to match with non Bard addresses.