Ericom Software Secure Browsing Survey

The purpose of this short anonymous survey is to help establish why organizations require a Secure Browsing solution. Your input is crucial to the success of this research.

The survey should take about 3 minutes to complete. Your information and responses will remain confidential and will never be linked to you individually or to your organization.

Thanks for your time!
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2. What industries do you serve (check all that apply)

3. Which best describes your role?

4. Please rank your security project goals
(1 being the most important, 8 the least important) 

5. Do you have a cybersecurity strategy in place?

6. If yes, how confident are you that it will pre-empt an Internet-borne threat?

7. Has your organization ever fallen victim to a cyberattack? If so, please indicate the estimated impact (in USD)

8. If a cyberattack occurs, how long can your organization tolerate downtime?

9. Are file downloads within the organization restricted and/or controlled?

10. How familiar are you with the following security technologies?

  Not Familiar Somewhat Familiar Very Familiar / Already Use
Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) for file sanitization
Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) for secure browsing

11. To qualify for the Amazon gift card giveaway, please provide your name and a valid email address (optional)