* 2. Please check the natural hazards you are not familiar with.

  Tropical Cyclone Flooding Tornado Wildfire Severe Thunderstorm Geomagnetic Storm Sinkhole Climate Change
Natural Hazards

* 3. Please check the human caused hazards you are not familiar with.

  Terrorism Nuclear Plant Accident Pandemic Agriculture/Livestock Disease Hazardous Material Release Transportation Incident Civil Unrest & Mass Migration Cyber Attack
Human Caused

* 4. Do you own and maintain a NOAA weather radio?

* 5. Do you know your flood zone?

* 6. Do you feel confident in your local jurisdiction's ability to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover from a natural or human caused disasters?

* 7. Have you read our Emergency Preparedness Quick Tips publication?

* 8. How often do you attend Emergency Management community events or presentations?

* 9. When did you last attend an Emergency Management PowerPoint presentation? (Please leave blank if not applicable)

Date / Time

* 10. Please rate, on a scale of 1 to 4, your overall opinion of the PowerPoint presentation. 1 indicating unsatisfied and 4 indicating very satisfied. (Please leave blank if not applicable)

* 11. What is your first name?

* 12. What is your last name?

* 13. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 14. Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns?