Thank you for participating in theĀ ICAN Mentoring Program. We hope that you have found the experience to be rewarding and insightful.

Please provide us with your feedback and comments on the areas that worked well, and those that could use some improvement. We are continually evolving the program in order to provide you with the most enriching experience possible. Your comments are confidential and will be used only to help us advance this program. Thank you for your feedback.

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* 4. Was your mentoring relationship beneficial to you?

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* 6. Did this mentoring relationship help the mentee achieve their goals?

* 7. Was the Mentee professional, responsive, and polite during your contact?

* 8. Now that your Mentoring relationship's time period is up, do you still plan to stay in communication with your Mentee?

* 9. What advice would you give to future Mentors participating in the ICAN Mentoring Program?

* 10. Do you have recommendations for improvement to the Mentoring Program?

* 11. How valuable is the Mentoring Program in our ICAN Community?

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* 12. Would you like to continue being a Mentor in the Mentoring Program?

Thank you for your time and for participating in this valuable survey.