What does your professional practice look like? What compensation is available for your work? What are your sources of income? Answers to these questions help us to form a comprehensive picture of the current working circumstances within the digital culture sector. They also help us to make an inventory of working conditions that are appropriate and desirable. That’s why we encourage you to complete this questionnaire*.

The questionnaire is an initiative of the roundtable Digital Culture of the fairPACCT programme. Through this roundtable, digital culture professionals work together on fair pay and fair practice for workers in this subsector. For example, the roundtable is currently constructing a Fair Practice Guide, which indicates which factors to take into account when determining or negotiating your rates. The results of this survey serve, among other things, as input for the development of this Fair Practice Guide.

This questionnaire:
- is anonymous (and we handle the results with care)
- is meant to be completed on your laptop
- takes fifteen minutes to complete
- is open until Monday March 25th

We thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!

* Please note that this survey is intended for creators with a professional practice based in the Netherlands.Digital culture includes the following subdisciplines: Art-Science, Audiovisual, Biohacking, Coding, Databases, Digital Fabrication, Digital storytelling, Games, Hacking, Interactive Art, Online Media, Performance, Postdigital and Product Development.

Question Title

* 1. Are you a freelancer within the digital culture sector based in the Netherlands?

14% of survey complete.