This is the PEN 2016 Member Survey "A" - it is designed for families whose children have not yet started school (that is, your oldest child will not be entering kindergarten until August 2016 OR LATER). Families whose child(ren) will be entering a PUSD school FOR THE FIRST TIME this Fall (any grade) may also take this survey.

If you have a child who is already enrolled in a PUSD school, please go back and take the "B" survey. THANKS!

(Note: an asterisk * by a question indicates that a response is required to go on.)

* 1. Why did you join PEN? [check all that apply]

* 2. BEFORE interacting with PEN, had you...[check all that apply]:

* 3. SINCE interacting with PEN, have you...[check all that apply]:

* 4. Select the choice that best describes your ELDEST child, or the child whose school options you most recently explored using PEN services: