Our newly created Union Women’s Committee is reaching out to all workers under our Enterprise Agreement, to better understand the challenges facing working women. Why? Because we want to better understand and tailor the advice and support we provide.

 This survey is for all scientists, psychologists, pharmacists, audiologists, dietitians, genetic counsellors, medical physicists, and clinical perfusionists.  

We are eager to hear from women about any issues you may have experienced at work. Whether it’s, trouble accessing carer’s leave, or difficulty negotiating flexible working arrangements, we want to hear it all! That way, over the next 12 months, our Sub-Committee can prepare all of the tools and resources needed to increase awareness and knowledge about your rights at work, and where to go if you need support!

We are asking 2 questions: 

Question Title

* 1. What challenges have you faced at work? I’ve had problems…

Question Title

* 2. What resources and how do you want the Union to provide you support at work?