In accordance with Government regulations and prime contract requirements, we are required to verify the business size and classification of our suppliers and potential suppliers. THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DETERMINING CLASSIFICATION TYPE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IS YOURS. If you have any questions, please contact your U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) office. (

(NOTICE: An accordance with U.S.C. 845(D), any person who misrepresents a firm’s proper size classification shall, (1) Be punished by imposition of a fine, imprisonment, or both; (2) Be subject to administrative remedies; and (3) Be ineligible for participation in programs conducted under the authority of the Small Business Act.)

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the SBA North American Classification System (NAICS) found in the SBA web site (

NOTE: If your firm is classified as a HUBZone business, we ask that you forward a copy of your SBA HUBZone certification letter to