Carpinteria Association of School Employees, CAUSE, is committed to a professional relationship that centers upon the shared interests and experience of CUSD's students, staff members, and all other stakeholders in our district. This relationship is supported by contractual agreements, which exist in both our Classified and Certificated contracts. Historically, these contract agreements have been designed to support shared responsibility and effort throughout the district.

CAUSE recognizes that the position, CUSD Superintendent, is a crucial component in regard to educational outcomes. The leadership, or lack thereof, demonstrated by the Superintendent significantly influences the efforts of CUSD personnel, as well as the teaching & learning outcomes associated with the education of Carpinteria's children.

CAUSE Leadership needs your input as we try to better understand and communicate issues related to the partnership between the CUSD Superintendent and District employees. We are interested in the quality and professionalism demonstrated by the CUSD Superintendent, as well as your perspective on how the Superintendent supports your delivery of effective educational programs for our students. The information that you provide will help us to accurately represent teacher perceptions on your professional work-day, and the subsequent efficacy of schooling in Carpinteria.

This is an anonymous, but registered survey. One response per member will be recorded. Your opinion and perceptions are valued, but your identity will be confidential.