Introduction Section

Plaza Research is conducting a study on Sunscreen with consumers. This study is for Females, ages 18 - 65. It will be Two Rounds of a Product Trial of 3-5 Days Each. The discussion can take place between Friday, April 26th - Monday, May 6th, 2019.  If you qualify, and are chosen to participate, you will receive $200 for completing both 3 - 5 day Product Trials.  

**Proof may be required in order to participate if chosen**

Please answer the questions below. If you look like a match, we will contact you by telephone.  

**Due to the large response to our surveys, we are only able to contact those that look like a match. Please continue to answer future studies, as you may be a match to those.

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* 1. What is your primary phone number?

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* 2. Please provide us with the following information. We will be contacting you by telephone if you seem like a match.

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