* 1. We are collecting presentation proposals for both the 2018 MCL National Summit in Pennsylvania this July 18-20 and for our MCCL Summer Summit in Waterville, Maine on August 7-9.
For the last several years our MCCL cohort has supported a team of those interested in attending and presenting at the MCL National Summit. In return, we ask those folks to also present the same or similar session at our MCCL Summer Summit in August. 
This presentation proposal template should be submitted by those interested in presenting at the National Summit, or those who wish to present only at our Summer Summit.  We need presenters for both events and encourage you to think about the transformative work you have been doing and what lessons you can share with others.
We are looking for educators/consultants/presenters from schools and organizations focused on designing learning systems that provide ideal learning experiences for all learners. If you are involved in transforming structures that present barriers to successfully meeting the individual needs of all your learners then we hope you will consider submitting a proposal to present at our national and/or state summits this summer.
Both summits will include a variety of breakout seminars designed to briefly share what you are doing to transform your system. We are asking those who are interested, to complete this form by April 20th so we can make selections and contact the person listed as the "primary presenter" by April 30th
As you complete this form you will be asked to frame your presentation around the eight components in our National Alliance MCL Reflecting & Planning Tool. You can find a copy of that tool using this link: http://bit.ly/ReflectingPlanningTool

* 2. Co-Presenter (If Applicable)

* 3. Co-Presenter (If Applicable)

* 4. Presenter(s) Bio. Please provide us with a brief bio. of you and your co-presenters.

* 5. Which summit(s) are you presenting your proposal for?

* 6. Seminar Title

* 7. Seminar Description (Please provide us with a brief description which we will use in our summit program)

* 8. Seminar Format: We are asking that all presenters make their sessions interactive by engaging their audience using a variety of strategies. Please indicate all that apply and provide a brief description of how you will engage your audience.

* 9. Seminar Learning Outcomes: Please designate what components from our Reflecting & Planning Tool your presentation will address. Provide specifics by referencing the elements included under the selected components. (Example: Quality Instruction: Elements #32 & #33)

* 10. Target Audience (Check all that Apply)

* 11. Target Age Spans (Check all that apply)