Overview of Volunteer Opportunites

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2017 Champaign County Expungement and Record Sealing Summit.

Your participation last year is what made our event such a success! This year we plan to do things a little differently, in order to streamline the event the day of. 

This year, there will be two ways to volunteer: 

Criminal History Charting - This year, charting will take place BEFORE the Summit, and attorneys will have opportunities to volunteer in the weeks leading up to the event. 

Criminal History charting volunteers will be responsible for reviewing participants' criminal histories and the types of relief they may be eligible to receive. You will then prepare a kind of "prescription" for event participants that will be given to them the day of the Summit. 

Working as a Criminal History charting volunteer requires meticulous attention to detail and it is preferred that you have experience reading criminal histories.

Petition Preparation/Counseling

Volunteers on the day of the Summit will be responsible for counseling participants on their eligibility (prepared ahead of the Summit by Criminal History Charting volunteers), and assist them in preparing their petitions. The Circuit Clerk's Office will be on-site to receive filings that day.