At Summer Trails, our goal is to offer your family the best camp experience possible. Your feedback is important to us, and we thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please complete one survey for each child enrolled during the summer of 2016.

1. What is your child's full name?

2. If your contact information has changed since you last registered for camp, please complete the information below. Otherwise, skip to question 4.

3. Please provide your current E-Mail address.

4. What 2016 Camp Group was your child a part of?

5. Please rank you and your child's experience from Summer 2016.

  Outstanding Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Communications from Jamie
Accessibility of Program Directors and Group Leaders
Nurse's Office
Pre Camp Office Communication
During Camp Office Communication
Overall Quality of Program

6. Please rate your experience with each Summer Trails communication tool.

  Extremely Pleased Pleased Satisfied Disappointed Not Applicable Other (Please Comment)
Our Seasonal Newsletters
Our Summer Weekly Online Newsletters
Little Grove Daily Emails
Summer Trails Daily Blog/Facebook/Twitter
"Ask Me About" stickers for Little and Lower Grove
Daily Summer Website Updates
Phone Calls to You Initiated by Camp
Our Response Time to Phone Calls from You

7. In regards to our Summer Trails website, please indicate how many times you:

  0 1-5 5-10 10+
Viewed it during the camp season
Viewed it outside of the camp season
Found what you were looking for
Found the website useful
Wished that there was additional information posted

8. What transportation method did your child use during dismissal?

9. How would you rate your transportation experience?

10. Would you be interested in Free Satellite Shuttle Service for summer 2017?

11. How did you see your child grow and develop this summer?

12. Have you been surprised by how your child came home speaking about any activity we offer? Please name the activity and what surprised you.

13. Please list three things that your child was excited to share with you about their Summer Trails experience.

14. Did your child's ability to swim:

15. Were you satisfied with the athletic skill progression your child achieved this summer?

16. Were you satisfied with the Arts and Crafts projects your child came home with?

17. Please describe your impression of the overall quality of care the Summer Trails staff provides.

18. Please identify one of your child's counselors:

19. What was your child's impression of that counselor?

20. What is your overall impression of our facility? What area would you like to see improved?

21. If a food service was available at Summer Trails would your camper purchase lunch?

22. Did your child leave camp this summer with a new friend?

23. Would you like to send your kids back to Summer Trails for 2017?

24. Will you refer us?

25. Do you have any friends or relatives you would like Summer Trails to contact for enrollment next summer? Please provide name and contact information.

26. What print materials do you reference for your child related activities?

27. Please list the 3 online sites that you reference most often for child related activities.

28. We thank you again for your time and valuable information. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions below.