Live to play, play to live. Drink responsibly.

You’ve worked hard for your career as a Sailor. Only one-third of 17- to 24-year-olds in the United States are even eligible for Navy service, and even fewer are capable of enduring the physical and emotional challenges of being a Sailor. From boot camp to advancement exams, job training and deployments, you have met these challenges with hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Making responsible drinking choices is an extension of that dedication. Just one bad decision while drinking alcohol can jeopardize everything you’ve earned. This summer, pledge to drink responsibly to stay on track in your career and keep what you've earned. You've earned it—don't waste it. Drink responsibly.

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PRIVACY STATEMENT: You are being invited to take part in a pledge titled “Play to Live Pledge”, conducted by the Chief of Naval Operations (21st Century Sailor Office, N170A) and Navy Personnel Command. Your decision to take part is voluntary and you may refuse to take part, or choose to stop taking part, at any time. A decision not to take part or to stop being a part of the pledge will not negatively impact you in any way. This pledge does NOT constitute as a survey and is for personal use only. Data will NOT be used for statistical compilations for research or policy assessment purposes. Providing your name is completely optional, and no names will be attributed to the information submitted.