You may have heard that NPR is ending Talk of the Nation at the end of June. GPB Radio currently airs the program at 2 p.m., and we’d like your input on what to put in its place, so we’re conducting a radio programming experiment: The Summer Listening Series.

Starting July 1, GPB will feature a different public radio program in the 2 p.m. slot each week. You’ll get to “audition” programs from NPR, American Public Media (APM), Public Radio International (PRI) and the BBC. We hope you’ll tell us what you think via email (, phone (800.222.4788), Facebook, and Twitter (@mygpb). We’ll use the feedback to help make decisions about our programming.

We aspire to be the station where you can listen – and also be heard! And in that spirit, we’d like just a few minutes of your time to take a survey about current programming and how it meets your needs.

Tanya Ott
Vice President of Radio

* 1. How often do you listen to GPB Radio?

* 2. If "Never", why?

* 3. Do you listen to GPB Radio mostly on...

* 7. If you could change one thing about GPB Radio’s programming, what would it be?

* 8. It’s helpful to know more about our listeners. The following questions are optional.

Are you....

* 11. We will be conducting more short surveys regarding specific programs heard during the Summer Listening Series. If you’re willing to let us contact you directly to get your feedback on those programs, please provide an email address:

* 12. Thanks for your time, listening and support of GPB Radio! Please feel free to share any feedback on our programming below.