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* 1. Please think how you learned this section. What did you find to be helpful? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Please list the top 5 concepts that you learned in this module.

* 3. What concepts pose(d) difficulties for you? Please discuss, and also how you solved the difficulty if you did.

* 4.
List 3 of the most significant differences between subsonic and supersonic flows as they apply to calculating loads. Do not list "faster/slower" as a difference. You could have a subsonic flow at 2000m/s and a supersonic flow at 200m/s.

* 5. How does the Mach angle help calculate shock angles? Try reasoning, through the full range of supersonic Mach numbers, and the possible range of disturbances.

* 6. Why do compressions cause entropy increases, while expansions are isentropic in supersonic flow?

* 7. Why does the momentum conservation equation across a normal shock resemble the low-speed Bernoulli equation but with a "1/2" missing?

* 8. Why is there a maximum turning angle in supersonic flow? What happens around a corner that is sharper than that?

* 9. Why do aircraft have a speed for minimum drag? If you include the fact that the pressure drag (due to flow separation near the trailing edge) of an airfoil at subsonic speeds, increases with increasing angle of attack, how does the speed for minimum drag change?

* 10. How is the lift curve slope of a wing in incompressible flow affected by aspect ratio?