Please take 5 minutes to complete this Needs Assessment Survey. We appreciate your input and thank you for your time. Choose the answer that best describes your beliefs or feelings.

3. My school gives us recess/break time during the school day.

4. I have been taught the behavior expectations/rules at my school.

5. My teachers expect everyone to succeed.

6. I understand my homework and other assignments.

7. My teachers ask me to show what I have learned in different ways (test, quizzes, projects, portfolios, presentations).

8. I feel prepared at the end of the school year to move to the next grade.

9. I know what to do in case of an emergency at my school.

10. I learned math, English, science, and social studies that helped me to do well on state test.

11. My teachers believe that I will do well in school.

12. The school administrators are often seen around the school talking to students.

13. The school administrators believe that I will do well in school.

14. My teachers help and motivate me to do my best work in class.

15. I feel welcome and safe at my school.

16. My classroom is a comfortable place to learn.

17. Our school is clean and looks nice.

18. My parents have visited my school for after-school activities.

19. Behavior problems interfere with learning in my classes.

20. I have NOT seen or been in any fights at my school in the last 6 months.