* 1. Please Select Your Grade Level.

* 2. Which of the following is your grade level diversity theme?

* 3. Define your grade level diversity theme in your own words.

* 4. Does your grade level diversity theme ever come to mind when you are:

* 5. 5th Grade ONLY: (Answer if you are in 5th Grade)

There's a new boy in school from Japan. His name is Akiyoshi. A student says to him that his name is too hard to pronounce therefore they are going to call him "Jim" instead because it's easier to say and sounds more "American." Akiyoshi frowned.

What is your perspective of this incident and how would you deal with it?

* 6. 6th Grade Only: (answer this question if you are in 6th Grade)

It's recess and a group of students decide to play kickball. One of the boys only picks other boys to play on his team. How do you handle his Bias towards boys only?

* 7. 7th Grade ONLY: (answer this question if you are in 7th grade only)

Two public school students were talking to a CCDS student and made the comment "all private schools kids are rich." How do you respond?

8th Grade ONLY: (answer only if you are in 8th grade ONLY)

The picture below is of a new student. Other students are afraid of her because of her clothing. What would you do?

* 8. Use this space to answer the question above.