Welcome to the Student Community Service Reporting tool.  In order to measure the impact the College's students have on our community it is vital that you fill out this form each time you serve the community outside the College. This includes any time or donations you spend on behalf of the College aside from any clinical obligations (ie. collecting food items for a food pantry as part of a College sponsored event) or as a volunteer for personally important causes (ie. volunteering at your place of worship or charity of your choice). Although the positive impact of our efforts to benefit our community are often difficult to measure, please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.  Thanks for making a difference!

* 1. Enter your name (Optional)

* 2. Please select your program:

* 3. Enter the date(s) of service for this event.

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* 4. Did you volunteer for a personal cause or a cause promoted by the College/Medical Center?

* 5. Does this community service satisfy a Federal Work Study requirement?

* 6. If the community service was connected to a particular course, please enter the course code (ex. NUR101). If part of a sponsored club activity please enter the club name (ex. PTK, SNA or Rad Club).

* 7. Enter the total number of hours you volunteered on the date(s) entered in question 3.

* 8. Enter the name of the program and/or organization.

* 9. Briefly describe your activities.

* 10. Who was your target audience? (School children, cancer patients, underserved/economically disadvantaged...)

* 11. Where did you volunteer?

* 12. Estimated number of people served.