The National Young Farmers Coalition is collecting stories about the effect of student loan debt on the next generation of farmers and ranchers. We want to hear from both farmers managing debt and those whose debt prevented them from farming.

Your stories will inform our strategy for student loan policy reform. We will share them with policymakers, non-profit partners and the public to advocate for policies that offer loan forgiveness or deferment for farmers. We will not attribute any stories without express permission.

* In which ways has student loan debt affected your ability to farm?

* Please tell us your story.

* How much student loan debt do you have?

* What is the highest level of education you have completed?

* What is/are your degree(s) in?

* What repayment plan are you currently using? (The default plan is the Standard)

If you are comfortable providing your contact information, please do so below. We would like to be able to contact you for more information or clarification, if needed. We will not attribute any of your answers above without your express permission.

* Are you from a farm family?

* Are you currently farming?

* First Name

* Last Name

* Farm Name (if appropriate)

* City

* State

* Zip Code

* Email Address

* Phone Number