Student Field Practicum Report Form

Students enrolled in viticulture (VIN 111, VIN 212, VIN 214, VIN 215) or enology (VIN 146, VIN 246, VIN 247, VIN 257, VIN 259) are responsible for identifying a vineyard or winery that would be willing to serve as both a field site and mentor for the required field practicum component of their course(s).  Once the student has identified a practicum site and cooperating mentor, they MUST complete the following Field Practicum Report Form. 

The approval of the students' field practicum site will not be complete until an email ( or phone call (417-837-2515) from the cooperating mentor has been received by the VESTA Program Office. 

Upon final approval by the VESTA Program Office, a complete mentor packet of information and reporting forms will be sent to the cooperating mentor and the student.