Advocate Coordinator

Our Student Advocacy program gives students the training and tools to start Stirring the Fire student chapters on their campuses.

As a Stirring the Fire Advocate, you will expand your global and social consciousness while learning about international community service opportunities and the importance of empowering women and girls in the developing world. You will strengthen your leadership and communication skills by coming up with creative solutions to inspire your peers to get involved.

Many students are able to utilize this opportunity to fulfill credits or an internship requirement. STF will be happy to meet any reasonable requests to help you obtain what is needed for your degree.

Prior knowledge and experience with event planning and leadership is beneficial. Students should be ready to take charge with strong communication skills and the ability to work with independent thinking, creativity, and diligence.

Applicants should spend a generous amount of time on to assure a common passion for gender equality. A strong interest in international community service programs and study abroad is also a plus.

Please contact with any questions.

* Who are you?

* As an Advocate you will be part of a team that initiates programs and coordinates events at your school. As an Advocate Coordinator you will in charge of meeting and events, aiding in program development and mobilizing your peers into action. Are you interested in being an Advocate or an Advocate Coordinator?

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* How is this opportunity in line with your schooling and interests?

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