The federal government has asked CSIRO to help identify ways to reduce litter from leaking into our oceans via stormwater systems. We are reaching out to you since YOU are the experts!

In this survey, we are giving you the opportunity to voice your thoughts about the role and use of gross pollutant traps (GPTs). Feel free to also get in touch to chat further (

Project overview
Plastic pollution harms our wildlife, is detrimental to human health and impacts our economy. To take effective action on plastic pollution we first need to understand the primary sources, where it travels and where it accumulates. In Australia, the majority of our plastic pollution escapes to the environment via stormwater systems.

CSIRO has been asked by the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) to conduct a review of current stormwater practices and make recommendations for reducing plastic from entering the environment via stormwater assets moving forward.

Project purpose and funding

The purpose of this project is to collate the current stormwater practices within Australia in terms of monitoring regimes, policy approaches, current practices, etc. from the perspective of litter as a pollutant. From here, gaps in stormwater asset management will be identified and key recommendations will be made to improve best practice for reducing plastic pollution from entering the environment via stormwater systems in Australia. This survey will help us understand the effectiveness of gross pollutant traps in this space. 
The project is part of CSIRO’s marine debris research program in CSIRO’s Oceans & Atmosphere Business Unit and is being funded by DCCEEW.

What does participation involve?
We are inviting organisations who work in the stormwater space in Australia to participate. Organisations will be invited to participate in an online survey asking questions about their knowledge of gross pollutant traps (GPTs). Participants will also be given the opportunity to make recommendations for improvements.  
Withdrawal from the research project
Participation in this project is completely voluntary and you do not have to take part. Your decision whether to participate will not affect your current or future relationship with the researchers or anyone else at CSIRO. If there is any part of the process/survey you prefer not to discuss, you only need to contribute what you wish. You may also skip any questions you do not wish to answer. Similarly, you are free to leave the online survey at any time.
For information on risks, ethics, confidentiality and project leads, click here.
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