Clearwater has teamed up with the Department of Health to better understand your needs and experiences with a stormwater harvesting project.

Results from this survey will inform a number of initiatives including;
> The Victorian Department of Health’s Review of the regulatory framework for alternative water supplies
in Victoria.
> Work being undertaken by the Office of Living Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment relating to the Living Melbourne Living Victoria Implementation Plan.
> Initiatives carried out by Clearwater in the creation of tools, sharing of resources and case studies as
well as training and tour opportunities.

Your assistance in this survey will help provide an accurate knowledge base to better inform the decision making process as well as inform the development of a more effective stormwater framework. The results of the survey will be disseminated by Clearwater. No participants will be identified in the public communication of this work.

**Note: For the purposes of this survey, stormwater is defined as ‘rainwater that runs off all urban surfaces such as roofs, pavements, car parks, roads, gardens and vegetated open spaces.’* *NRMMC, EPHC, and NHMRC, Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental Risks (Phase 2) Stormwater harvesting and reuse. 2009, Natural Resource Ministerial Management Council, Environment Protection and Heritage Council and National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra.

Enter your contact details at the end of this survey to be eligible for the prize - one free registration for a Clearwater tour.

This survey should take approximately 1/2 hour to complete and will be open until Friday 28 September 2012.

Please complete the survey in one sitting - your answers will not be saved if you don't complete it.