Please help us provide a great experience for you by completing this survey. Every person who completes a survey will be entered into a drawing to win two guest tickets to an upcoming event at Stocker Arts Center. Thank you for your participation. Your input is important to us!

* 1. What film did you attend?

* 2. Please rate your satisfaction with the film.

* 3. Do you come to live events at Stocker as well as films?

* 4. If no, please tell us why not:

* 5. How did you hear that this film was being shown at Stocker Arts Center? (Please check all that apply.)

* 6. Please provide any additional detail you would like to share with us about how you found out about the film being shown at Stocker Arts Center

* 7. Did you visit The Beth K. Stocker Art Gallery while you were here for the film?

* 8. About how many events have you attended at The Stocker Arts Center in the past five years?

* 9. Besides attending events at Stocker, what other reasons do you have for coming to LCCC's campus?

* 10. Which print or online publications do you read on a regular basis? (Please name all that apply.)

* 11. Did you go out for dinner/drinks before or after this film?

* 12. If so, please tell us where.

* 13. Please share any additional thoughts about your experience attending the film at Stocker Arts Center: