* 1. My Contact Information:

* 2. Phone Numbers:

* 3. I want to apply for a job at the following locations (check all that apply)

* 4. I have attended the following high school(s).

* 5. I had the following opportunities for leadership in high school.

* 6. I am attending or have attended the following college(s) or university.

* 7. If you are a college student what is your major?

* 8. What do you want to be doing in 5 years?

* 9. I had the following opportunities for leadership in college.

* 10. Years of School completed (1-16) List any degrees earned

* 11. Number of jobs I have had since age 16

* 12. If Stoby's would be your first job please finish this sentence: The reason I believe I will be a great employee is because ...

* 13. Check all that apply and give a short explanation of "why you need to work".

* 14. Currently my most important responsibility is:

Regarding the next question, if you are unfamiliar with the term "work ethic" you may type "define work ethic" in Google for a definition.

* 15. Here is how I learned the importance of a good work ethic:

* 16. I grew up working on a farm.

* 17. I am (or was) responsible to put myself through college.

* 18. Do you have any accomplishments of which you are proud? For instance: High Grades, Athletic Accomplishments, Eagle Scout, Student Government, Recognition from previous employers, etc.

* 19. The longest I have worked for one employer (in months) + name of employer:
If will be your first job enter "0" for Months and "First Job" for Name of Employer.

* 20. My most recent job
Please put the total number of months worked at this job to the right of the company name.

Example: McDonald's - 9 months

It is very important to include the number of months worked on the very first line.

* 21. My next most recent job
Please put the total number of months worked at this job to the right of the company name.

Example: Burger King - 9 months

It is very important to include the number of months worked on the very first line.

* 22. My third most recent Job
Please put the total number of months worked at this job to the right of the company name. It is very
important the number of months worked shows up on the first line.

Wendy's - 9 months

* 23. Please list any employers who would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation:

* 24. If called, the following employer would give me my best recommendation.

* 25. How would your previous employers rate you in the following areas?

  Poor Could be improved OK Above Average Excellent
I am on time for work
I have a High Energy Level
I maintain a Positive Attitude
I work well with others
I am good at solving problems
I take instructions well
I take correction well
I rarely miss work

* 26. Have you ever been a "No-Call, No-Show" in a previous job? If yes, please explain. (A "No-Call / No-Show" is a person who does not SHOW up for work and does not CALL ahead of time to offer an explanation)

* 27. Have you ever been terminated from a job?

* 28. Briefly describe what you think it would take to earn a written letter of recommendation signed by both Stoby's manager and Stoby's owner.

* 29. Personal reference (other than family member)

* 30. Personal reference (other than family member)

* 31. The following describes how many hours I want to work per week:

* 32. I am available to work the following hours (please check all that apply)

  5 AM - 11 AM 11 AM - 2 PM 2 PM - 5 PM 4 PM - 8 PM 5 PM - 11 PM Anytime
Sunday (We're Closed)

* 33. Are you available immediately? If not, when can you start?

* 34. I am a college student and I am NOT in class on the following days:

* 35. I am available to work weekends and holidays

* 36. I am a college student but

* 37. I am a High School Student and have obligations after school and some weekends due to:

* 38. I would like to be considered for the following positions. (check all that apply)

* 39. The following job would be my first choice:

* 40. I have previous experience that pertains to the following positions (check all that apply)

* 41. I have previous experience in food service (please describe)

* 42. What you should understand before you accept this job:

Many people over the years have said Stoby's was one of their favorite jobs. One reason for this is our managers work hard to create a positive and enjoyable working environment. Before you accept this job, it is important you understand the following will be expected of you:

1-You are expected to use good manners. Please. Thank you. Excuse me. It is so much more enjoyable to work with people who have good manners. Therefore, you are expected to be polite while working at Stoby’s.

2-You are expected to demonstrate the attitude of a team player (an attitude of cooperation and helpfulness). When everyone pulls their own weight and "looks hard" for ways to help out their co-workers work is spread out over many people, things go smoothly and work becomes fun. Teamwork is the difference between a good place to work and a great place to work.

3-You are expected to get along with others and to conduct yourself in the most cordial, courteous and friendly manner possible. If you should have a problem with a coworker, go to your manager and ask for help. We are anxious to help you solve any problem you want solved. If you are not interested in solving problems, but only creating problems, we do not need you in this organization. If this sounds worded a little strong, it is because we believe that getting along with others is a choice everyone is capable of making. The question is whether you are willing to make that choice. When someone chooses not to get along with others, it makes life miserable for everyone. When that happens all our hard work to make Stoby's an enjoyable place to work goes down the drain. :(

4-We expect you to maintain a positive attitude. If you are frustrated about something - talk to your manager. He or she will try to solve the problem or else find someone who can. Complaining and saying negative things to other employees (or just a generally negative attitude) will put your job in jeopardy.

5-We expect you to refrain from using profanity and offensive language. Your speech affects those around you. Some people are very offended by profanity and coarse conversation. Although an occasional expletive is understandable, the constant use of profanities will not be tolerated. If you are unwilling to control your language do not take this job.

I have read the above and if I am hired I commit to:

1) Use good manners and be polite to my co-workers

2)"Look hard" for ways to help my co-workers

3) Get along with my co-workers

4) Maintain a positive attitude

5) Refrain from using profanity and offensive language

* 43. I authorize the investigation of all information I have provided in this online application.

* 44. I understand that being a "No/Call NO/Show" is grounds for immediate termination. I understand that this means that if I must miss work for any reason I am required to call ahead of time and speak to the MANAGER on duty and explain why I am unable to come to work.

* 45. Notice to Tipped Employees

The amount of cash wage to be paid to you per hour will be $2.63

Assuming you receive a sufficient amount of tips to cover the tip credit amount of tips per hour to be credited as wages will be $4.62

You have the right to retain all the tips you receive.

The tip credit shall not apply unless you have been informed of these requirements.

You are being provided this information in accordance with Section 203(m) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Please check "I understand" below or "I have questions"

Another way of saying this:
You are GUARANTEED to earn at least 8.5 per hour.
So, if you make zero tips . . . we will pay you 8.5 per hour.
But you will never be paid less than 2.63 per hr even if you make $1000 per shift.

A Manager will be more than happy to explain this to you in person.

* 46. To Servers:

At Stoby's you report tips as part of the clocking out process.

If you forget to clock out we have no record of your tips.

If you forget to clock out you must CALL back to report tips.

If you fail to clock out and fail to call we will estimate your tips based on your credit card tip percentages. This percentage typically averages 20% of your credit card sales.

* 47. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal. Further, I understand and agree that my employment is for no definite period and may, regardless of the date of payment of my wages and salary, be terminated at any time without any previous notice.

* 48. May we email your W-2 ? (This is your end of year earnings statement)

* 49. What is your Social Security Number?

* 50. Where did you see that Stoby's was currently taking applications?

After you complete this application please send an email to manager@stobys.com.

Subject Line: Job Application for (your name + phone number)

Example: Job Application for John Doe 501-555-5555

* * * It is important that you use the exact format above due to our email filters * * *

Body of Email:

(You may copy and paste the following into the body of the email)

1- Name of location where you would like to work. Example: Stoby's Russellville

2 Do you have any accomplishments of which you are proud? For instance: high grades, athletic
accomplishments, eagle scout, student government, recognition from previous employers, etc.

3- Briefly describe why you are looking for work.

4- Briefly describe any experience you have in food service, baking, or cake decorating.

5 - Please state if you have (or can obtain) any written letters of recommendation from previous employers.

6 - Did you grow up working on a farm?

7- How did you learn your work ethic?

* 51. For Office use only