Introduction to the Stein Survey and Oral History Project

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As the 20th Anniversary of the Stein Scholars Program approaches, we're launching a project to assess the experiences of Stein Scholars alumni. Part I of this project is this survey, and Part II of this project will be brief oral history of alumni conducted by current Stein Scholars throughout the summer. You are invited to take this survey, and, at the end, indicate whether you are willing to be contacted by a current Stein Scholar for a brief interview.

The goal of this project is to understand Stein Scholars' experiences while at Fordham Law, and how those experiences have shaped Steins' legal careers. We will also use your feedback to reflect on how the program has grown over the past 20 years, while we continue to improve the program for future Stein Scholars.

The information from the survey and interview will be used for the benefit of the Stein Scholars Program. Thank you for continuing to support the Stein Scholars Program!