* 1. To enter the prize draw, please enter your HE number - optional

* 2. Please identify your current role

* 3. Please select your main area of work

* 4. What is the name of the system where hazards and work health safety incidents are logged?

* 5. You have found a bottle of cleaning solution that looks different to those you usually use in your department. On which system would you find the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

* 6. True or false.

Code Black has three sub-codes: Alpha, Bravo, and Personal Threat

* 7. You find a YELLOW garbage bag. Should it be put into the general waste skip?

* 8. To be considered current with Emergency Procedures, which two of the following should be completed annually?

* 9. You come across a hazard in your workplace, is it your responsibility to take action and report it?

* 10. Where could you find information about departmental evacuation plans?

* 11. Code Black Alpha relates to which type of emergency?