* 1. To enter the prize draw, please enter your HE number - optional

* 2. Please identify your current role

* 3. Please select your main area of work

* 4. Which of the following are resources at RPBG to support patients, carers and their families who are bereaved and grieving?

* 5. What mechanism does RPBG employ to provide inpatients with information on discharge or transfer from hospital

* 6. Which of the following is NOT a tool used at RPBG for risk assessment and care planning?

* 7. At RPBG, patients are to be screened for malnutrition using the malnutrition screening tool:

* 8. Communication on clinical referrals between teams and specialties within RBPG should use which of the following processes?

* 9. An Advance Health Directive is a legal document that contains one’s decisions about future treatment, that should be filed at the front of the medical record. 

When should staff ask patients whether they have this document?

* 10. The responsibility for following up outstanding investigation results after discharge sits with the GP, not the person ordering the investigation

* 11. Which of the following are resources at RPBG to support staff in the comprehensive care of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Patients?